smartOps is a cloud-based integrated
solution and works seamlessly with
various data sources

Route file integration

smartOps integrates any route file that the charterer system provides or vessel uploads a route file based on the final voyage plan from ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System.

Telemetry system integration

smartOps is vendor agnostic and can ingest telemetry data from any onboard installation or ashore directly from a 3rd party infrastructure.

To optimize your vessel operations
with smartOps.

Our Partners

Telemetry Installation

AIS & Weather Forecast

Route Optimization

We are flexible to work with any other partners of the client’s choice.

Evolved and easy to use entry
screens of vessel module to
improve data accuracy

The smartOps vessel modules ensures data
quality at the point of entry through a
comprehensive set of control measures.
  • Dynamic forms as per vessel configuration and engine type
    400+ static Validations
  • 100+ dynamic Validations
  • 100+ cross Validations

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